playlist number one: “my little corner of the world”

welcome to “the sounds she collected,” a weekly playlist newsletter (sign up at!) that i hope will connect you with new music each and every sunday. i’ve always loved music, and there’s something about making playlists that is so cathartic for me (many of you know this, as i’ve made a playlist for you, for an event we attended, you name it!). so, i figured i’d combine my passion for writing with my passion for music. here we go, with a deep breath and a click—playlist number one: my little corner of the world.

i had a hard time choosing what the first themed playlist would be, but then realized it was obvious—an introduction. what we listen to not only says a lot about what genre we like, but about who we are, too: the songs that were there for us when we needed them the most. the songs that we celebrated with. the songs that we listened to during long road trips. they all make us who we are, and my favorite songs are the ones that take me back in time the moment i hear the opening chords.



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