this week’s playlist is inspired by that moment, and is filled with songs to get you movin’ and groovin’, no matter what place you may find yourself in. i must note that this playlist was also inspired by one of my favorite things about living alone—solo dance parties all the time, and having zero shame while doing so. i’d like to think i acquire the moves of j.lo when no one else is around, right? (nooot even close.)

and there’s one more reason we need to get movin’! winter is coming. no, really. us chicagoans are settling in for another brutal winter (my radiator is clanging along as I type this), so upbeat playlists are essential.

so take a listen to this week’s playlist, get up offa that thing, grab a hairbrush microphone, and bring your best on-stage moves to the heart of your living room. it’s time to solo dance party—or at least, it’s time to keep that spirit going throughout the week as your sunday winds to a close.

Posted by:thesoundsshecollected

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