playlist number four: “everyone’s gone to the moon”

with each new moon, i’ve begun to set intentions for myself in regard to the theme at hand. this month, the new moon in libra is centered around our relationships. the mantra i’ve focused on this month (yep, i meditate too, so many topics for me to share with you all!) is choosing in this moment—what would create the best path for me in the next? this applies to how you spend your time, and who you spend it with, too. i urge you to look around you and do the same, if only for a moment, and ensure that the people you surround yourself with truly lift you up.

this week’s playlist is cosmic at its core, with ethereal synth effects, glittering backdrops, and spooky sound cascades (we are nearing halloween and in the season of the witch, after all). and the spookiest part of all? i’ve been building up this playlist, everyone’s gone to the moon, gradually since 2014. it’s eerie to think about how in three short years, so many things have changed with the waxing and waning of each new moon, yet so many important things remain the same.


playlist number two: “reflecting light”

as someone who’s been to hundreds of concerts and countless festivals, i compartmentalized music festivals as a sacred space in my mind, one that could not be tarnished. where people are free to be who they are, dance with total abandonment, and escape day-to-day routines for a little while. music festivals bring people to their most joyful state—which is why the events monday left my heart feeling weighed down all week long.

i’ll stop now before i get into a rant centered on my political leanings, but it felt right for the playlist of the week—reflecting light—to be all about healing. whether you’ve been affected by a tragedy, are trying to move through tough events happening in your life, or simply need to reset, music is a key to getting through. i’ve bundled up a group of songs that convey that feeling of safety and security, and most importantly, moving forward when darkness tries to outshine the light.