playlists eight (and nine!): “things we never say” / “this christmas”

it’s almost christmas. which means it’s nearly 2018?! how. did. this. happen. before i get started, enjoy the bonus playlist, this christmas. it’s the perfect soundtrack for wrapping presents, unwrapping presents, cooking christmas dinner, eating christmas dinner…you catch my drift. this one is best served shuffled.

through this good ol’ retrograde season (which thankfully ended yesterday), i’ve been fascinated with songs that articulate things that are just so hard to say aloud. so with this week’s playlist, things we never say, i urge you to tell people how you’re feeling and that you appreciate them—and not just because it’s christmas, and at christmas you tell the truth (sorry, had to)—and remember that communication is far more than what we see on our screens.


playlists six (and seven!): “days like this” / “where does the good go”

the first playlist, days like this, is inspired by the seasonal shifts of fall and winter, and is meant for a road trip (or a cozy night in or day at the office). i didn’t arrange this one in order because it’s best served shuffled. enjoy some of my favorite songs of 2017 intermingled with vintage gems.

the second playlist, where does the good go, comes to us from a request by my friend jenn. upon hearing a bonnie raitt track on the first playlist, she wrote in to say: “Bonnie Raitt is very underappreciated…maybe that would be a good subject matter…artists you forgot were so damn awesome.” so, i created a playlist full of 50 songs from 50 artists we may have forgotten were so damn awesome, and maybe some artists you’ve never heard of before; i’m pleased to make the introduction.

playlist five: “twist and shout”

so this week, the challenge i implore you to take is asking yourself, “am i feeling inspired? am i feeling drained? either way, i’m doing the best that i can.” this playlist, twist and shout, is dedicated to october’s end and november’s beginning. cheers to feeling inspired again, because as as a creative human, yes, it does come in waves. i’ve included some songs that make me feel ready to take on projects (and the world) with gusto. so enjoy your weekend, and some new songs to accompany it. until next time, friends!